UniSafe RB44 29dB CL5 General Purpose Headband Earmuff

UniSafe RB44 29dB CL5 General Purpose Headband Earmuff

Product Code: RB44

The UniSafe RB44 Series is an Australian made Class 5 rated earmuff, available in headband (RB44) and cap attachable (RB44CA) configurations.

Both the RB44 headband and cap attachable earmuffs have safety orange impact acoustic cups for added visibility in the workplace. The RB44 earmuff maintains an even seal by incorporating a central pivot point cup and high quality cushions. The headband and cap attach arms allow simple fitting adjustment.

  • Even seal distribution and comfortable headband with simple size adjustment
  • High impact acoustic cups
  • Cup material: Injection moulded ABS (plastic)
  • Headband: Glass reinforced nylon
  • Bracket Arms: Foam filled PVC covered
  • Headband Cushion: Foam
  • Weight: 222 g
  • Class 5 29dB(A)
  • Headband earmuffs features rotating headband to allow head or neck position selection with simple size adjustment - Class 5, SLC80 29dB(A), 11.2N clamp force
  • Hearing protection should be worn 100% of the time when exposed to harmful noise
  • Suitable for continuous and itermittent use by persons exposed to industrial noise situations up to 110dB(A), assuming an 85dB(A) criterion

Applications: Suitable for general industrial use where noise levels warrant a medium to high performance hearing protector Class 5. It is recommended for use in noise levels up to 110dB(A), assuming an 85dB(A) criterion. 

Compliance: AS/NZS 1270:2002

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